Spring Break Camp
at Ponte Vedra Martial Arts Academy


Our popular Star Wars Inspired Spring Break Camp returns beginning March 16, 2020. It includes daily Martial Arts Training, daily Self Defense Training, group and individual games and activities, and a healthy dose of character development. One of the more popular projects that the campers work on are camp t-shirts. We keep the kids busy, there's not much down time and no time for electronic entertainment or quiet time reading.  We want to help the kids learn the values of perseverance and self-discipline, respect, and focus. All in a nurturing and caring environment.

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There are so many good things to say about Paks Camp, I don’t know where to begin! Luke has attended Paks Camp every summer since we moved to Nocatee. He tried many other local camps, but the only one he loves is Paks. He said he would rather skip summer vacation to
attend more weeks of camp! Luke said Paks is the only camp that never has bullies or bullying. I am so thankful to Paks for providing a safe and fun environment!

Tiffany W.

Mom of Camper

I have 2 boys, ages 7 and 9. While looking for local summer camp options, I came across a promotion for PAKS. Enrolled both kids for 1 week. The boys weren't sure what to expect because the idea of Martial Arts camp seemed very different. Upon picking them up on their 1st day, they were very excited to share how much they enjoyed it. They were also pleasantly surprised to have a variety of activities. Before the week ended, they were begging me to enroll them in additional weeks of camp and to enroll them in the full year Martial Arts program. 

Jackie P.

Mom of Camper